I See Dead People


Wow. So many things. Wow. Just. Paris. Wow.

Well! Goodness where to begin! I woke up – In Paris. I had breakfast – In Paris. I brushed my teeth – IN PARIS.
Anyway. Yesterday morning brought new friends! My hostel was crowded with a group of New Zealander’s and of them I met a pretty cool chick named Sophia. Whilst chatting to her over breakfast I made a new American friend, Daly. I had no clue where to start in Paris but he’d already been here a few days and we decided to go to the things he hadn’t seen yet, which were also things that I was so keen to see. First off. Catacombs. Wow.

Thank goodness for new friends right? I wouldn’t have been able to endure the three-hour-long queue if it wasn’t for my buddy Daly! I suppose people were dying to get inside.. Ahah. Regardless, at 2pm we managed to get into the catacombs and boy… Was it worth the wait. So erie, so chilling and so historical. It was just awesome. Possibly the most convenient part was that we made friends with one of the security guards, thinking that he was just a really nice person giving us a free tour and better understanding, he promptly asked us for our contact numbers and if we’d like to have a drink with him later that night. Apparently he thought we were gay. This happens more than you may think.
Regardless! We learned that there were over six million people buried down in the crypts.
I was caught between so many emotions, so many lives and stories now lay in piles under the city. It was beautifully horrifying to be a little overly-dramatic.

Moving on! The Louvre. So, let’s just pretend that I actually got to go inside. Just for a second. After repeatedly being advised not to go inside, we were still unsure. Lucky Miss Fate made the decision for us. We got there and it was closed. However we still enjoyed looking around the outside! I was really cool having read The Da Vinci Code and being able to put the story into it’s rightful context in my mind.
Not even a tourist…

Next up, dinner under the Eiffel Tower. Ho-ley Mo-ley. It is basically everything that you’ve ever hoped it would be, times 10. It’s just completely, awe-strikingly beautiful; and that was just on the postcard.
It was awesome. We met some cool people, plenty of Aussie families.
Some tower photo-bombed our selfie. Not impressed.

So, how does one top the experience of having dinner right under the coolest hunk-of-metal in the world?
You climb it.
The view, the people. It was just amazing. The disadvantage of it being dark was that I don’t really have too many pictures to show you all. Although it is certainly a view that I’ll never forget.

One last photo, taken by yours truely. I was actually hanging off the side of a wall, one hand on the camera, one hand holding on. Refer to Matt’s Travel Tips™ Photos.


Goodnight/Good morning. Wherever you are,
Safe travels.



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